Inspiration of the Day – Modern Tribal

Inspiration of the Day – Modern Tribal

Simplicity is key. I adore the repetition of bold graphic patterns, the warmth and texture of wood cabinetry, the contrast of black and white zig zags, and the brilliance of brushed brass fixtures.  Try to incorporate greenery to add color and a natural element.

The Colorful Outdoor Kitchen

image via Q.  My husband and I are planning an outdoor kitchen and are looking for some ideas to make it fun.  While we like natural stone and wood, we would prefer NOT to have our decor coordinate with the surroundings.  We want it to stand […]

Sick of Subway Tile

image via Q. Anyone sick of subway tile yet? I like the pattern but the white is a little boring to me. Anyway to liven it up? – Jessica A. I personally LOVE the early twentieth century look of rectangular white ceramic tile! White can […]