Vintage-Inspired Schoolhouse Lights

image via Q.  I adore those metal and clear glass lights with antique bulbs seen in the magazines but question their practicality. How much light do they offer and how often will I need to dust and clean fingerprints?  Are there any lighting alternatives with […]

Being Sustainable

image via Q. How do I choose sustainable products for my kitchen renovation?  I’m overwhelmed with the remodel as it is.  Is there a way to narrow down the options?  I want to be as green as possible. -Sue A. Home remodeling is very stressful, […]

Dual Fuel Ranges

image via Q. My wife and I are interested in buying a new range. We want to donate our gas range and purchase a dual fuel. We are beginning to research dual fuel. What are the advantages and disadvantages? – Pete A. A range is a […]