Inspiration of the Day – Modern Tribal

Inspiration of the Day – Modern Tribal

Simplicity is key. I adore the repetition of bold graphic patterns, the warmth and texture of wood cabinetry, the contrast of black and white zig zags, and the brilliance of brushed brass fixtures.  Try to incorporate greenery to add color and a natural element.

The Galvanized Metal Tub

image via Q.  I want to use a metal tub in our mudroom but my husband doesn’t.  He likes the look but says it isn’t practical and will eventually leak.  I think he just doesn’t want to do the work.  Any insight?  –Janice A.  Interior design […]

Vintage-Inspired Schoolhouse Lights

image via Q.  I adore those metal and clear glass lights with antique bulbs seen in the magazines but question their practicality. How much light do they offer and how often will I need to dust and clean fingerprints?  Are there any lighting alternatives with […]