A Lively Laundry Room

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Q.  As a mother of four, most of my day is consumed by washing, drying, and folding laundry.  I have a finished basement and a small room for the washer and dryer.  The laundry room has no natural light and wide open white walls.  Any ideas on how I can make the room more inspirational?
– Judy

A.  Thumbs down to the monotonous task of laundry!  If only it could do itself.  Since that isn’t possible, another way to make it more enjoyable is to create a space that you actually want to be in.  No need to blow the budget.  Set the amount you want to spend, gather ideas for the overall look you desire, and seek out the supplies.

Just a few items can transform a lonely laundry room into a lively place to spend loads of your time.  A cool new light fixture, simple cabinetry (or repainting existing cabinetry), inexpensive shelves, storage bins or apothecary jars, and some funky wallpaper (stencil or paint if you are the practical type) can combine to make a more inviting and more functional space.

The new look may even inspire one of your four children to help you with the chores!
– Danielle

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