Geometric Bath Tile
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My husband and I are in the planning stage of renovating our bathroom. We’ve been seeing alot of geometric tile in the bathroom. We adore the look but fear the trend will end and we will detest it in a few years.  We want to go bold but are hesitant. What should we do?
– Brittany

Geometric tile patterns are undoubtedly gorgeous, but how timeless are they? There are many factors to consider while in your planning stage. Do you think you’ll stay in the house for a while or are you looking to sell in the near future? How bold do you want to go and how hesitant are you?  In other areas of your life, how often do you change your opinion about something? Lastly, is it in the budget?

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Tile is a big investment in a bathroom renovation. Materials and labor can be costly. Once the work is done, I assure you that a tile floor or wall is something you won’t want to rip out in a few or more years if you end up bored or fall out of love with it. If you want to go for it, then passionately go for it. Just keep in mind that when you make a selection, it should be one you and your husband are comfortable with for the long run. Just like marriage, right?

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From what you’ve told me so far, I feel that you should go bold, but with accents that can easily be changed. Geometric patterns or bright colors are a safe bet on items such as shower curtains, towel sets and rugs, or artwork. If you keep the floor tile and walls simple, you’ll have a classic canvas on which to play with. Accents are great way to give your bathroom a fun personality that is not permanent.

Good luck! – Danielle
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