Black Cabinets
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I really want the original wood floors in my kitchen to stand out but don’t want an orange or yellow wood finish on my yet-to-be ordered cabinets to clash. Other than costly painted cabinets, what are my options? By the way, I love a contemporary look.
– Erika

Have you thought of black cabinets? Homeowners tend to shy away from the color, but when used successfully, black can add alot of drama to a space and accentuate other features.  If you decide on black cabinets, be sure to balance the room when selecting the other materials. For example, countertops and walls should be light to give the room an overall bright feeling.  Bold colored accents or warm neutrals such as a wood floor will keep things from looking too cold or stark.

The stain is just like one on any wood cabinet but with very heavy coverage of deep and rich black color. Stains are typically standard and therefore less expensive than painted cabinets which can be a 15% upcharge. Before selecting a cabinet manufacturer, find out if a black stain is offered and on which wood species (typically maple or oak). Maple has a tight uniform grain pattern while the grain pattern on oak is quite distinctive. If you are looking to add a little bit of visual texture and save on cost, oak would be a good choice.
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Another option is black acrylic high gloss cabinets. These can be slightly more expensive than stained cabinets, but the look is very contemporary. Again, only select manufacturers offer high gloss cabinets so inquire about this option first. Something to also consider is the maintenance requirement. Since they are shiny, you’ll have more fingerprints and watermarks to clean, but the sheen would reflect light as well as the natural beauty of your original wood floors.

Best of luck! – Danielle
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